The Board Meeting was held at the home of Charles Williams.  Members present were Charles Williams, Karen Gilbert, Kent Lovelace, Rick Tast and Joyce Huff.  Charles called Larry Link and he joined the meeting by phone. 

President Williams called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  A request was made that Joyce Huff prepare minutes for the meeting since no Secretary has been elected for this fiscal year, and the Board agreed unanimously.   

President Williams announced that the only Agenda Item for the meeting was the discussion and decision on bids received by the Commons Committee for repair and stabilization of the ponds. 

In November 2020, it had been reported to Joe Shandera, Commons Committee Chairman, by numerous members that there was significant erosion on both ponds.  Two separate meetings were held at the sites with the different Commons Committee Members.  It was suggested that we contact experts at NRD to evaluate the severity.  During review of the erosion situation, it was discovered that the culverts on the South Pond had eroded and were starting to move.  Joe Shandera contacted a number of firms requesting bids for the work, submitted the request to NRD for the Community Assistance Program, and now wanted our review and decisions regarding the project.

Motion was made by Kent Lovelace to accept the Bookstrom proposal, in conjunction with the NRD Grant, for erosion control and repair and stabilization of both ponds and associated inlets and outlets.  Joyce Huff seconded the motion. 

Question was asked as to why there were not more bids available, and Joe’s process was reported as the following contacts:

  • Sampson Construction – they were not interested in the job
  • General Excavating – they recommended Gana be contacted for the job
  • Gana Trucking and Excavation – bid received for $60,700
  • H. R. Bookstrom Construction – $36,440 + $2,500 for seeding tall fescue
  • Hampton Construction – was going to send list of recommendations, but was not received
  • Another business recommended was a one-man shop, which Joe discussed with Charles, and decided not to spend time with that firm

Question also asked whether we had considered other options for pond maintenance.  The Commons Committee has received recommendations from NRD that if shoreline pond grass is allowed to grow to height of 1 ft, that should help stabilize the shoreline. Our mowing crew has been given these instructions. 

Karen Gilbert had initially asked about references for Bookstrom, researched online and reported positive reviews.  NRD reported they have had good experience with them.  Phil Zillig, Preserve Homeowners Association, also reported positive experience with the company. 

Motion was made by Larry Link to call for a vote on the Bookstrom bid for the pond work, along with the NRD Grant, and motion was seconded by Rick Tast.  President Williams called for individual verbal votes, and the project was approved by a vote of 5-1. 

Motion made by Rick Tast for meeting to adjourn, and seconded by Karen Gilbert.  Motion approved and meeting adjourned.