4th of July Parade

This year, a homeowner in our Association volunteered to put on a 4th of July Parade and lunchtime cookout for the neighborhood.  We also had an opportunity to participate with the Edenton Homeowners Association in their annual parade.  However a divided Board felt that given the time of year, turnout from our Association would be low, and therefore voted to deny funding allowing participation in either event.
However, the Edenton Neighborhood Homeowners Association has nonetheless graciously invited our Association to participate in their neighborhood 4th of July event, despite no contribution on our part.
The event will begin at 72 & Grandoaks at 10:30am.  Kids will participate in a neighborhood parade, and it will end at the park with popsicles and drinks.  Edenton is providing Noisemakers.  Kids are encouraged to decorate their bikes.
Please let your fellow neighbors know about this fun event !!!!!  The Edenton North Homeowners Association is not contributing anything to the cost of this event.  The Edenton HOA is going to have a donation at the park jar to help offset costs, so if you participate, please consider contributing.