Edenton North was the successful recipient of a NRD tree grant. Trees will be planted on Wednesday, Oct. 8th by Finke Garden and Nursery. They plan to start around 8 AM. In order to water the trees, it will be necessary to utilize water from nearby homes. Hopefully, this will work for everyone.

Once the trees are planted, the Commons committee will need the help of nearby neighbors to water the trees if we do not get any rain. It will be important that they go into the winter with an adequate water supply. If anyone is not able to water a tree, please contact Joe Shandera – 402-304-8695.

Here are some guidelines from Finke Nursery:  My new landscape has been installed – Now What

The weather has also caused a delay in the tree trimming project. Aim High Tree Service is hopeful that they can complete work around the last week of October.