Fellow homeowners,

Our traffic committee recently meet and reviewed data recently compiled by the City of Lincoln regarding the speeds of vehicles in the ENHOA. The results were quite shocking, with a significant amount of vehicles exceeding the speed limit. The committee is continuing to work through the data, and come up with possible long term solutions to this problem.

In the meantime, you may have noticed an increased presence of Officers from the Lincoln Police Department in the neighborhood enforcing speed limits. Please avoid a citation, and help keep the neighborhood safe by observing the posted speed limit on residential streets (25 MPH) and reminding your guests as well.


Edenton North was the successful recipient of a NRD tree grant. Trees will be planted on Wednesday, Oct. 8th by Finke Garden and Nursery. They plan to start around 8 AM. In order to water the trees, it will be necessary to utilize water from nearby homes. Hopefully, this will work for everyone.

Once the trees are planted, the Commons committee will need the help of nearby neighbors to water the trees if we do not get any rain. It will be important that they go into the winter with an adequate water supply. If anyone is not able to water a tree, please contact Joe Shandera – 402-304-8695.

Here are some guidelines from Finke Nursery:  My new landscape has been installed – Now What

The weather has also caused a delay in the tree trimming project. Aim High Tree Service is hopeful that they can complete work around the last week of October.


The Edenton North Homeowner’s Association is pleased to announce the formation of our Traffic Committee.

The Committee will be led by board-member Larry Link, and consists of Jennifer Lancaster, Jim Dormer and Tammy Ingwerson. ENHOA would like to thank these individuals for volunteering their time to the neighborhood.

Over the coming weeks, this Committee will look into the issue of speeding in the neighborhood streets and make recommendations for solving this problem.

Once we have this information, our goal will be to approach the City, and work on a solution to the problem.

If you have any suggestions, please contact any of the ENHOA board members, and again we thank Larry, Tammy, Jennifer and Jim for their time.